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Welcome all dog owners of Staten Island!

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We are volunteer groups of Dog Owners of Staten Island (aka DOGSI) "Tail Blazing" to establishing off-leash dog enclosures in Staten Island Parks.

To date, we've been successful in establishing enclosures in Wolfe's Pond Park, Silver Lakes Park, and we now have a dog park in Bloomingdale. Bloomingdale Park has both a large and small dog area.

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Next, we would like to target Clove Lakes & Willowbrook Parks.

It is our goal to dedicate each of these enclosures to various Service Dogs, such as:

United States Military Dogs & Their Handlers
The Search & Rescue Dogs of 9/11
Seeing Eye Dogs
Dogs for the Deaf
Therapy Dogs
All Dogs who serve Mankind
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Each of these Dog Parks needs to be maintained and beautified by volunteer Tail Blazers.
There is much to be done for the Pups of Staten Island.
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Volunteers Needed

We need you to volunteer your time and your talent.

We will be lobbying the Parks Dept. for a stretch of beach adjacent to the Wolfe's Pond dog enclosure, for the dogs to go swimming.

If you are interested in helping to start a dog park enclosure in your area, please contact us.

Let's make this happen.. cheap jerseys


Contact Us

~ Group Member ~


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